The Impact of Caronavirus on Sellers

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // March 25, 2020

Many people contemplating selling are worried about the impact of the coronavirus on sellers and their plans to sell quickly. The Impact of Caronavirus on Sellers Are Open Houses Affected Self-isolation policies are making it ‘extremely difficult’ to put your house on the market this spring, TV homes expert Phil Spencer says. “Viewings are being canceled […]

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Posted by Amy Vochatzer // March 18, 2020

This from Dr. Housing Bubble, “COVID-19 is going to have a significant impact on the housing market.  Global markets are facing significant volatility as we deal with the first major global pandemic that is hitting both developed and developing nations equally.  This virus knows no borders, and it is surprising how many people are still […]

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Moving a Senior Loved One

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // March 11, 2020

We searched for the right assisted living facility and found the best one, but It took a string of years for our elderly parents to make a move.  Moving a senior loved one was not easy. A senior mother recently decided to move from her Oregon home of 35 years to be closer to her children in […]

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The Top 5 Real Estate Trends

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // March 4, 2020

Yahoo reports they were curious: What are millennials looking for in their first home? What do repeat buyers want? What are the top 5 Real Estate Trends? What trends have changed, and which ones haven’t? For their first Home Buyer Study, they tapped into thousands of recent buyers and real estate agents within the Better Homes and […]

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Kansas City Home Staging

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // February 26, 2020

Kansas City home staging is the act of preparing a house or condominium for sale. The goal of your home staging is to make a home appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers, enabling it to sell more quickly and for more money. Urbana entrepreneur Kim Hotchkiss, whose clients include builders, homeowners, and Realtors, […]

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Five Questions for Your Real Estate Lawyer

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // February 19, 2020

There are five questions for your Real Estate Lawyer when you decide to make an offer as a new homeowner, an old hand, or a professional real estate investor. It’s essential to make sure you have the right people in your corner to ensure your transaction goes smoothly, and you’re not left with any unexpected […]

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Consider Moving to Kanas City

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // February 12, 2020

A while back, we asked, have you considered Kansas City as a place for you and your family? We listed a number of reasons why you should consider moving to Kanas City. Consider Moving to Kanas City It is an affordable place to live – If you’re looking for a city that won’t drain your […]

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Why General Contractors Like Working with Me

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // February 5, 2020

For those who don’t know me, I’m a full-time real estate investor or rehabber. I buy houses to rehab and bring my refurbished houses to market to meet the needs of new homebuyers here in Kansas City, the home of the world Champion Chiefs.  I’ve learned how to work with and why general contractors like […]

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Kansas City MO Makes the List

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // January 29, 2020

According to Forbes, “In major global cities, the real estate market is caught in a high-demand, low-supply cycle. That’s why many real estate investors are looking in other areas to diversify their property portfolios. There are a few factors to consider when looking for the best areas to invest in, such as affordability and population […]

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What Are the Closing Costs?

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // January 22, 2020

What are the closing costs when I sell my house? Traditionally the closing costs were divided between the buyer and seller.  However, in today’s real estate market, buyers typically ask the seller to pay the closing costs, including the buyer’s loan origination fee and a one year home warranty.  These are, of course, negotiable, but […]

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