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Kansas City Housing is Booming

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // October 28, 2020

According to FOX4, “With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, high unemployment, and financial uncertainty, many would think the housing market would suffer, but surprisingly Kansas City housing is booming.” “Right now, buyers are snatching up new homes, especially in the mid-price range.”  The fall parade of homes is happening in Kansas City for the next two […]

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Ten Steps to Take After a Fire

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // October 21, 2020

According to Fox 4, “A fast-moving fire left a home in Kanas City’s Historic Northeast gutted, two men inside were killed.  Fire crews believe without two critical mistakes, the tragedy might have been avoided. Both men, who are believed to be brothers in their 60s, died. Investigators think careless smoking is to blame.”There are ten steps […]

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It Is a K Economy

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // October 14, 2020

It appears the U.S. economy is recovering nicely for some Americans. In contrast, others struggle in a nightmare of lost jobs, disappeared savings, unable to pay the rent, and facing eviction after December 31st.  Some say it is a K economy. Some are going up, and others are going down. The Washington Post said Monday, […]

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