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How Does Foreclosure Impact Your Credit Score?

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // December 4, 2019

FICO 9 Credit Score

You have run out of time when you fall behind on your credit obligations. Everything else is late except your mortgage payments. When you miss that payment, you are in default and foreclosure threatens. How does foreclosure impact your credit score? The impact of foreclosure on your credit can mar your credit report for seven years from the […]

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The Silver Tsunami

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // November 27, 2019

According to FOX28 Spokane, “housing inventory has been in short supply for the past decade in large part because builders have struggled to overcome the scarcity and rising costs of labor and materials. But a flood of homes, some call “The Silver Tsunami” will come on the market in the next 20 years as Baby Boomers age […]

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A Housing Shortage in Kansas City

Posted by Mike Landfair // November 20, 2019

It seems, in every city, there is a housing shortage even in Kansas City. According to Robert Smith of Valient News this is a typical story. “Just one month into Amanda and Andy Koukol’s quest to buy their first home, Kansas City’s housing market has left them frustrated and exhausted.” “They’ve left work in a […]

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