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Marijuana Growing Has Come to Missouri

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // November 18, 2020

Marijuana growing has come to Missouri in the form of C4, short for Carroll County Cannabis Co.  Accordng to News PressNOW, Rural communities across the Midwest have suffered through decades of population decline and job losses as people increasingly flocked to cities. Like other small towns, Carrollton, MO, has lost major employers and retailers over […]

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Easy to Overlook Plumbing Problems

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // November 11, 2020

I read that homes are flying off the shelves in Kansas City and elsewhere. Homebuyers are paying over the asking prices, and houses for sale can be gone in less than a  week. That means to me that in all the excitement of bidding on a house, as RealtyBiz writes, “It is easy to overlook […]

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Selling Is More Challenging With A Mask

Posted by Amy Vochatzer // November 4, 2020

Real estate agents and landlords might have noticed that selling is more challenging with face masks. Wearing a mask with clients can conceal your expressions, hide your smile, muffle speech, and lead to misunderstandings between you and to whom you’re talking. Simultaneously, masks are essential in many cases to keep your clients comfortable in these […]

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