Home Foreclosure Help

Home Foreclosure Help

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Are things about to get bad? Will you need home foreclosure help?

The Drudge Report announces in a bold headline today: NEXT SELL-OFF ‘LEHMAN-LIKE’ RECESSION WARNING. “The latest eruption in the U.S.-China trade dispute pushed a widely watched Treasury-market recession indicator to the highest alert since 2007.”

Often a yield-curve inversion is a sign of recession. “Rates on 10-year notes sank to 1.714% on Monday, completely erasing the surge that followed President Donald Trump’s 2016 election. At one point, they yielded 32 basis points less than three-month bills, the most extreme yield-curve inversion since the lead-up to the 2008 crisis.”

Home Foreclosure Help

With recessions, homeowners often see changes in their financial situation. Cut-backs in hours, temporary layoffs, and outright loss of jobs can lead to late or missing on mortgage payments.

You know you are in financial trouble when you are

  • having difficulty paying the mortgage payment on time
  • having very little savings for emergencies
  • using credit cards to get to the next payday
  • paying the minimum on your credit cards
  • neglecting doctor and dental visits
  • shrinking from the ring of the phone

Soon notice from your lender arrives warning of foreclosure because you are in default. Generally, experts agree that selling while in pre-foreclosure is better than going through foreclosure or going through the process of short selling. Sure you will take dings on your FICO credit score for late payments, but that’s nowhere as bad as a foreclosure on your record.

If you are facing financial hardships, call us for home foreclosure help. Our experience working with homeowners in similar circumstances can show you the way to divert you from the path you are on.

Can I Sell My House Before Foreclosure

If you can’t avoid foreclosure, consider, selling your house before foreclosure and before your house is sold at auction. You may want to sell your house in pre-foreclosure as a way out of your financial dilemma. A dinged credit report is much better than one saying foreclosure.

Why not sell your house to Terra Firma Property Solutions, LLC  It is quick! You can sell your house fast normally in 30 days or less. That is much quicker than a traditional sale, which can take several months.

Ask for FREE information about How to Sell Your House Fast.

Terra Firma Property Solutions, LLC is a professional, full-service real estate solutions firm.

We buy and sell properties throughout the greater Kansas City area. We specialize in buying distressed homes, then renovating and reselling them to home buyers and landlords.  Terra Firma Property Solutions: excited to be part of the economic rejuvenation of Kansas City and its surrounding areas.

Call us today at (816) 866.0566

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