Factors That Impact on Window Replacement Cost

Factors That Impact on Window Replacement Cost

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Considering replacing your windows to achieve energy savings? RealtyBizNews says cost is the main thing that makes many homeowners postpone the idea. Whether you are working out this cost alone or with your contractor, here are some factors that impact on window replacement cost you should consider to come up with an affordable budget.

Factors That Impact on Window Replacement Cost

The Material Utilized for Window Frames

One main factor that affects window replacement cost is the type of material used to manufacture the window frame. There are various window frames materials such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. Your contractor can help you understand the pros and cons of different window materials and what impacts they have in terms of pricing of different window styles. You aim to choose a window style that provides practical benefits but at the same time, being affordable.

Custom Vs. Standard Windows

Perhaps all your windows in your house are all standard sizes. You are lucky. It implies that you can get windows with ease since standard windows are mass produced.

If your windows are not standard, you will need to get custom windows for window replacement. That usually involves the window installer taking measurements of the window opening and creating a window that can fit that particular window opening.

Because of the labor needed to install custom windows, the window installation cost is usually higher. For standard windows, you save on labor because no modifications are required.

The Type of Glass Used.

The type of glass utilized for the window panes will determine the price for your windows. The windows can either be fitted with triple, double or single panes. All these windows will offer varying advantages, and therefore, they are priced differently. For instance, double and triple pane windows come filled with argon and krypton gasses within the panes, which adds a layer of insulation, thus enhancing their energy efficiency.

That is not the case in single pane windows which provides less insulation and energy efficiency. As you would expect, the cost for double and triple pane windows would be higher than that of single pane windows.

The Coating.

If you want your windows to have a special coating, that will cost more. The advantage of coating your windows is to minimize heat and cold transference through the window glass.

Many homeowners take coating as an optional thing to do, but they are ignorant of the fact that coating pays for itself in the long run.

Window Designs.

With so many window replacement designs and styles, you expect that each design will be different and that difference is also reflected in its cost. While it is easy to get simple and cheap window designs, don’t rely on price alone as the only factor to consider when choosing windows. Remember sometimes cheap can be expensive in the long run.

Be aware:

There is no denying that new windows add curb appeal to any home. But whether doing a replacement before selling the house is worth it, is arguable. An average cost window replacement may cost $10,000 yet only increase the value of the house by $7,400.

You should consider replacing or repairing the windows in your home if they are obviously leaking or are visibly broken. But ultimately it is best to leave getting new windows to a new homeowner as they can budget their own replacement and get what they think looks best.

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